I offer you my time, but you take it for granted. when you want to see me, I don’t want to see you. I can’t keep playing games with you -____- you make me so self destructing. I’m tired…….. can you please just let me go…..

"I think it’s too late for you to rescue me, I’ve long changed from the boy you use to spend late nights talking too….. though a piece of me will always still be here for you."

i think life is a mystery, you never know where you’re going in life. you’re just following the footprints on the sidewalk that are left behind for you to follow til you see something out of the way worth seeing and straying away from that path*

"There was a girl who I once knew, for me there was no other. The closer to loving her I grew, the more I would grow further. I tried to love her as a friend, then love her as a lover; but she never loved me in the end- her heart was for another."

"i’m talking about millions by 23."